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Jones Act Lawyers - Offshore Injuries

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Are you suffering from an offshore injury? Are you a dockside worker who got hurt while loading a ship? Are you a worker on a sea vessel who got injured in a collision? In such a case, a federal law "The Jones Act" provides for compensation recovery and you can claim for damages and cure, i.e. medical bill compensation. You are entitled to claim compensation for the loss of wages incurred because of your inability to work due to such onboard injury. The Jones Act holds the employer or the vessel owner liable for any injury happened as a result of the negligence on his part and provides the injured employee the right to sue the owner for more damages incurred owing to such injury which includes medical bills, loss of wages, mental pain and agony. Here only a qualified and experienced Jones Act lawyer can help you to file such claim.

But it is a harsh truth that the employer or the vessel owner will hardly make his injured employee aware of this law. The most he will do is suggest the worker to consult the doctor appointed by the company. Else, he will urge to remain present in the whole examination process. These practices by the employer will badly affect the case which is not at all favorable for the worker! The time period for filing a claim under Jones Act is limited, which is not known to many seamen. So involve an efficient Jones Act lawyer as soon as possible before the case goes out of your hands!

The Jones Act, Offshore Injuries & What To Do Next

An injury affects your ability to work, and if it is a severe one, it may unfortunately force you to rest on a hospital bed for several weeks, months or may be years! In such a situation when your wages will be lost, how will you feed your family, pay house or car EMIs, rent etc? How will you manage to finance all these fixed expenses? This is where you need to talk to a Jones Act lawyer who knows how to handle such cases!

The federal law provides for compensation for maintenance and cure when there is an on-the-job injury to the worker or crew member who work typical of water or near water. The worker can be any employee working in a maritime related job, such as an officer, a dockside worker, a painter, a boat-pilot, a fisherman, a technician or mechanic, an engineer, a blaster and even a laborer! If you are any of these, you have the legal right to seek protection and claim damages for loss you incurred due to on-the-job injuries. The claims include medical as well as financial compensation, usually referred to as "Cure" and "Maintenance", respectively. Grievances of other workers who do not work on or near water are taken care by other specific laws.

After your Jones Act Injury - How will you pay your bills? How will you pay rent or mortgage, or your car payments? How will you provide for your family? This is where a qualified, experienced Jones Act Lawyer can help.